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Our company, Alter Játék Kft. was established in 2005. The first board game of our own design was put on the market that same year, an educational game presenting selective waste collection to preschoolers. It was launched with the title KUKATÜNDÉR (Bin Fairy), and as recycling and selective waste management gained ground in Hungary by the mid-noughties, it was issued to many preschools with support from the Hungarian Environmental Ministry, and has been in continuous re-issue and production ever since.

In 2009, we started working with licensed games, and the result was a board game adaptation of a successful Hungarian television show, with the title Beugró. The game topped the 2009 Christmas sales list, and 2010 saw the launch of two sequels. Based on drama improvisational exercises, these games are suitable for ages over 12, and can be played in larger groups.
The board game is distributed by Piatnik Hungary.

Recently we had participated in developing and testing several licensed games. In testing, we applied special software simulations as well as actual playing, developing our own specialized software for each game. These programs were used to simulate test games, enabling statistical analysis for precision testing and troubleshooting.

We offer game testing, graphical layout, and help for any developmental phase. Our scope of experience ranges from infant toys to adult games.

This year, we are launching a unique logic game for children aged 4-8, based on the writings of a popular author.

Our first IPhone game is available in the App Store : 3stones in the app store

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